Thursday, February 01, 2007

L.A...and back again

To say that Hollywood is full of stars is a wild understatement...

Stepping off the plane, and standing waiting for the second half of our luggage to off-load, I managed to bar the way for Ashton and Demi... and look gormless and star struck as I lugged my suitcase so they could both pass (et entourage.)

He is massive - unshaven, still delightfully attractive (and did I mention massive?) Demi is tiny... petite and SO pretty! How come stars fall off planes looking fabulous, yet for us travelling we look like a hedge got in our way?

Anyways - that made the trip! By the time the story was retold, Demi and I were bossom buddies... chatting, laughing and reminiscing about the good times.

You wanted to hear about CHA?!! Oh sorry... that to come!!!
Love Becks xxx

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