Saturday, July 07, 2007

We've been busy...

It may be Wimbledon, Tour de France & Live Earth... but we have managed to pack more into this weekend than most!

Check out what will be available from 21st July...

BUG your retailer about saving you a seriously stalk them, email and nag. There are limited paper copies, and once they are gone, they're gone!

You can of course download it for FREE (wait until you see what we do with the website for this!) and this is a suitably smug option in light of the LIVE EARTH push for eco friendly living.

We are sleeker, chic'er and way cheaper (aka FREE) than any other craft mag out there... (are we allowed to toot our own trumpet??) If not, toot for us - let everyone know that the 21st July is D-Day!

So throbbing grey cells now are taking a wee rest... although work starts on our Autumn/Christmas issue in a few weeks (rest a la wicked!) If you want to get involved keep checking the website - as we are launching a MASSIVE COMP section... with oodles of goodies up for grabs!

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