Thursday, September 27, 2007


Want to know the best way to start your day? How about a bowlful (not just a poxy plate) of Profiteroles laden with milk chocolate and loaded with vanilla cream brought to your door? Kind of has the same heady giddy response as a new release from BasicGrey, or My Minds Eye (but unfortunately carries the 'moment on your lips, forever on your hips' warning!)

We now have a regular shipment (weekly) of restocks and new products! Last week we had our first shipment of the d-lish Memory Dock (organisational heaven) as well as gallons of AMM Albums, Totes and bags (ask us how to save 10%!) as well as boxes and boxes of Bazzill (which we are still booking in...and the 'sell it faster than you can blink' Bo Bunny Christmas lines and Prima! In this week are Crafters Workshop templates, Doodlebug, My Minds Eye... with next week bringing a truck load of Daisy Ds (the new Christmas line) Rusty Pickle restocks, BasicGrey and fingers crossed the *new* Christmas MY MINDS EYE (Festive & Frost!)

If you want to keep up to date stay glued to our EVENTS page - as this can help you plan orders around ship dates (always a wee bit helpful!)

Issue 3 of Craft Life & Home is in the works...and we have a few 'surprises' (but more later.)

So how do you end a day that started so glutinously? Same way you started it... ploughing your way merrily through the cake-proportion puffs of patisserie...after all, the bowl was a salad bowl!

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