Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

December 31st is always an odd day. As the end of the year, we are usually quite glad to see the back of it is kind of one of those unwanted days, but sure as heck great evenings!!!

I have loved Christmas - I've been away; family, friends, food...all the good stuff. Great gifts - nothing whatsoever crafty, but oh the Nigella cooking tools that now adorn my kitchen! I am in homemade cake heaven...

So what does 2008 hold in store?!

I made a few key {life changing} decisions in 2007. Not without personal pain... but the old addage about 'no pain, no gain' rings a little truer as a result.

Another one of those sayings (if you can bear more than one per blog entry) is that as one door closes... it seemed there were a few doors (and the odd preverbial window) swinging open. So I am more excited about 2008 than I have been about any new year beginning for quite a long time.

So whatever your glass is filled with this evening, may it be raised to great things happening in 2008 (and a hearty wish that any small children will unnaturally lay in tomorrow morning...wouldn't that be a real miracle?)

Happy New Year!
Becks x

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Beckie said...

Have a good one and I'll be wishing for that miracle too!! Fat chance!
Have a good one!
And yes it is greenwich ... the rage for weddings in 1997!! Ha Ha!!