Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chatterbox Rocks!

It is GOOD to hear that Chatterbox are releasing 200 products at CHA... and hear that Ultra-Pro (behind 7gypsies) are also now behind Melody Ross & Chatterbox. I think very highly of Melody; as she has always been the kind of person to take time (even at seemingly inconvenient moments like when bumping into her after a show pull-down when the team are all eating... and she gives my daughter her bracelet to keep and we chat.)

Anyways, I pulled out an old box (I am clearing out life clutter) and I discovered some untouched Chatterbox papers... a little dusty, but looking as good as the day that they were printed. I have NO IDEA what year or release they are - just something about that texture, and the timeless design... that whispers..."use me, love me, keep me...I am still GOOD."

In fact it reminded me of why I decided to start working with a business partner over 3 years ago. When Chatterbox papers got pulled out of a bag, and laid in front on me - I about had died and gone to heaven. This was back in those heady days when 'free stuff' (and GOOD free stuff) could buy almost anything.

SO full circle - Chatterbox has a future; 200 new products to look forward to...and I at least can look back and think 'I did it'. I thought about creating a company for a few years - and I did it. From nothing. It may not be perfect (far from it) but many people don't even give their dreams life. My dream had life, wings... a few screws loose; but wonderful moments of Chatterbox paper adoration. Can't wait to see their new lines... and catch up with Melody.

More Later,
Becks x

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