Thursday, January 10, 2008



If you have ever endured the frustration of driving 30+ minutes to a shop, only to find the ONE thing you made the journey for is not in stock - well THIS is a similar feeling ...

Double thumbs down to you IKEA.

So I had my evening in with one of my longest bestest buddies (I have known her since I was 8 - and she recently moved down 'souf and lives just a stones throw away from me) and I managed to complete 4 12x12 layouts - unfortunately ALL FOR HER. (Which begs the question, WHY am I way quicker when it comes to playing with someone else's pics?!) Anyways, as is tradition I baked, and it turns out there is more than one way to skin a cat (sorry all cat lovers!)

I have long been a Rice Pudding fan - and cook mine from store cupboard stock items that means NO shopping;

I use a 1 ltr carton of UHT Semi-Skimmed milk, 1 smallish Cup of Basmati Rice (no need to go and buy 'desert rice' which is IMO no better than the regular rice you use) and then Sugar to taste and a glug from my Costco Madacascan Vanilla bottle (again, buy it once, stick it in your store cupboard and it will last forever!) I simmer the milky mess on the top of my cooker in a big saucepan and when it looks done (this is a technical cooking term) then I turn the heat off and leave the lid on to rest. Always turns out wonderful, and tastes better once refrigerated and eaten cold the next day.... Mmmmmmm!

So my bestest friend says - "WHAT, you cook it in a saucepan?! I have never heard of cooking Rice Pudding anywhere other than in the cooker in a casserole type dish."

Whilst this was a revelation to me {HAD I BEEN DOING IT WRONG ALL THESE YEARS????} it did make me think that it is exactly the point that is debated about Scrapbooking. Is there any right or wrong way to do it - if the result is a page that you are happy with? WHO cares if you use one photo, three photos - no Prima *shock* and loads of writing... or if you just whack photos down and get on with making dinner... who I am (or anyone else) to tell you that it is WRONG?! ...if the rice pudding tastes great (and it did) then it is all good in my book!


Becks x

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