Thursday, January 17, 2008

Going... Gordon

So who is joining me in the count down to Gordon's Cookalong: LIVE (nope, not a Disney bouncing ball along the bottom of your screen in sight... this is COOKING on the go!)

I have arranged for some mates to come over and we are all set with knives at the ready, and will starve ourselves all day to then gorge as we go. He may be really ugly and agressive in the kitchen - but we ladies are all at Gordy's command tomorrow night at 9!

Scallops (blah) aside... we will save ourself to be smothered in chocolate moose ;)

Makes me think that there needs to a a scrap-a-long broadcast nationwide (urm...QVC naff cards do NOT count; and anything with peel offs is banished! Yep I may be working with Design Objectives - aka do crafts - but a girl has to maintain her astute sense of good taste.) Oh did I just spill the beans there... well, more to come ;)

Becks x

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