Friday, January 25, 2008

Laptop Lust...and Technology Tantrums

I was sat opposite the object of my affections for a few hours yesterday morning. Whilst I was nowhere near my husband (Happy Anniversary...!) I was however deliciously close to a 17" Macbook Pro. Now I am one to usually advocate that size does matter...but I would willingly 'kick to the side' my soapbox if a 15" Macbook know...was offered.

I know there is this MAC AIR thing floating around... but I almost want a beasty type silver surfer that will make all my dreams come true. I am tempted to save money and feed the kids rice and beans for a couple of weeks, so that when in the US for CHA I can stroll into an Apple store and take that baby home with me...

I also got to play (and punch a hole in my leather buuuuuuttttter) with the new Cropadile Big Bite (aka Big Boy - back to size matters ;) I know some folks are worried that it looks heavy - but an aged 32 year old like me was able to operate it easily with a *look mum, just one hand*.
You could rest it on the table, and it has a sliding nodule (*word appreciation pause) that will switch the punch size setting... so not always flipping it over or anything. Okay, so I am not so keen on the bile type orange... but can live with that (for now!) I am sure that once I have scribbled THIS BELONGS TO BECKS AND DON'T NICK IT all over the handles, you won't see much of that shady carrot colour.

I did also spy some of the new Inique Boutique... which I have to say I am dying to share with you. You is going to be worth salivating for (much like that sleek silver number that I was dribbling over yesterday.)
Lastly, it seems that you like the PAPER BLOGGER name tag... well the coined phrase is more visual than thinking I am creating a book of scraps ;) ...and Phil did make a note of emailing me after my blog entry yesterday to say he was not basking last night, he was too busy eating the dinner his loving wife had slaved all day cooking (or having a zillion other epiphanies...)

Perhaps one day...
Becks x

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