Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Magic Roundabout

Have you noticed that TRENDS in scrapbooking don't so much get invented... as rehashed?

I was meandering around the web and noticed the stylish layouts on the American Crafts Blog. It was like a time warp. One of their new layouts (see left) looks a lot like a layout I completed around 9 years ago. See those charming 'word bubbles' ...well, they were ALL THE RAGE...way back when.

I think Pebbles Inc. had a whole sticker line out at the time - and you could either add your own handwriting or go with the flow on 'cool' 'hip' words like 'look at me' 'wow' and 'great' (sound at all familiar??)

I read a bang on article HERE and as a result will be happily scouring CHA booths spotting trends that are 'updated' rather than 'innovative'. I have yet to see something that pushes the boundaries (although I am in lust with the new 5 lines from BasicGrey.)

I like Nancy's comment about die-cutting (as the proud owner of shop bought 'die cuts' that are still sat in a box...) I am now the owner of a Cricut Expression, and have to say that technology rocks the house.

BUT... and prepare yourself for this... my friend and I last night happened on an article in a Christmas issue craft mag (we were cutting out anything that inspired and chucking the rest) and we found an article by Stampin' Caz. Nothing much to write home about... except the fact that we were wetting ourselves laughing with the SUPPLIES LIST...
...serious? ALL YOU NEED is £500 for a Christmas Card...!

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