Thursday, January 17, 2008

Old News?

Do you reckon with all the 'sneaks' released almost 3 weeks before the main CHA event, that by the time the show rolls around... the lines overly saturated on the net are OLD NEWS?

I know the new lines from BasicGrey and Doodlebug are pretty stunning. I doubt that there will be any hints until they are good and ready... which means at the show, folks will mow down their grandma in the stampede to get first dibs.

It is a funny strategy if you think about it... making your brand spanking new releases 'old news' before they have even hit the stands. It may satisfy the insatiable appetite we have to know everything NOW; but you would think they would hold back something (and play a little 'hard to get'?)

P.S. Won't stop me posting details though - because I stand shoulder to shoulder with those with insatiable appetites ;)

More Later,
Becks x


Jo said...

Thanks for all the sneaks Becks - I'm lovin 'em! Keep 'em coming!

Sarah Hodsdon said...

I have written about this before. I think that the sneak peeks in general are having a profound effect on CHA overall. With every sneak peek, more and more buyers are forced to justify the expense of going to the convention (a decision that could mean lower sales for manufacturers because the face to face is taken out of the equation and the buyers themselves feel as if, nothing has been left for them to announce in their stores....nothing new because we have all seen it....) It costs buyers a ton of money to go to CHA to have the inside scoop, announcing early makes them wonder why buy the milk when they can have it for free? Manufacturers need to sell the sizzle not give away the steak IMO. Great blog by the way! I have been popping in here and there for some time and I am impressed everytime! Thank you :)