Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So who we missing...?

There are a few brands out there that are still keeping us guessing (and I am happy not to have Christmas ruined by opening ALL the presents early ...although totally admit to being a shaker of unsuspecting gifts flaunting themselves at me from under that Tree.)

I am looking forward to BasicGrey, Rusty Pickle, Fancy Pants and Provocraft (I am sure there is a new tool to tempt...!)

So on to the wee laddie to the left... apparently BOYS NEED PARENTS (thank you Ruth!) and I would post a panty-liner pic, but would end up with a blog barred from view due to unreasonable amounts of flesh... would you scrapbook that moment?! Heck yes... just would not be pulling it out - except when potential girlfriends come on the scene (many years hence.)

Scraplift Challenge: There is no better time saver than forgetting your design brain for a night, and wantonly abandoning all originality in favour of project completion. Is it like selling your soul? I don't think so... more like recapturing the reason to scrap (aka photos need a home ...and words need a place to rest.) I so far have finished 5 layouts this week... finally scrapping for me (urm... it has been like 4 years; my 2 year old barely exists on paper!)

Happy Days...
Becks x

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Rooof said...

Spoilsport for not using the pantyliner one! Boo! :)