Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stones and Having it All...

You have probably been hard pushed to not notice the KC drama which has spread like wildfire over the US media... tarring scrapbookers as small-minded, vindictive and jealous of success (ouch!)

I have been intrigued about the debate as to how each 'side of the story' is perceived. Comments about the media omitting details that painted KC in a negative light in the HOF fallout, has led to calls to email editors en mass with disapproval (and probably a few heated remarks!)

I guess it would be nice to have all the facts before stoning someone. Or maybe it would be nice not to have to stone at all...

I liked the comment Teressa Collins made on her blog when she heard about the Junkitz bankrupcy. She could have left and spouted her mouth off - after all it turns out Junkitz owe her around $3000... but she didn 't. She just moved on and got her own deal and is making a future.

Same goes for Stacey (owner of Junkitz.) She has taken a job with Inique Boutique and despite ALL her personal and business losses she is trying to move on - doing what she loves, in the industry she loves. She will have her critics lined up and ready to lynch her...stones at the ready.

So can women really 'have it all'? We seem to like to see good women fall. I don't think that is exclusive to this industry. Fact is; other women are our worst critics. Look how we are crucifying Brittany, when really all that poor girl needs is some stability and help... not critiscm.

For me the UK scrapbooking industry is what I love...always have. It is very hard to not tread on people's toes... not come across the wrong way, or have success without all the drama that accompanies. I do think I have had to make choices this last year of what it is I want. If I want it 'all'... what am I willing to sacrifice to acheive it. In the end it came down to the crunch of not being able to sacrifice family life for a business.

I can't have it all... but the bits I have now I would not trade for anything.

Have a good weekend!
Becks x

P.S Great book recommendation - 'The Anatomy of Peace'

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