Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Trend Spotting

Do you reckon it is okay to make a prediction this early before CHA?

Well... I am going to stick my neck out and let you in on the best kept secret trend for 2008. (Oh and to if I am right I get to eat a 6 pack of Cadbury Creme Eggs without any guilt.)
I predict that CLEAR (Acrylic) Albums, Key Chains, Embellishments et al are going to be one of the big stories at CHA 2008.

Sand them, ink them, paint them, give them away, keep them, add them to your home, Kid's Room Nameboards, personalise and mount, frame and protect your photos and artwork... but let's not be fooled; CLEAR is here.

First spotted: adorning the stand of Picture It Pageframers (whose blog I adore; so suggest you immediately-aka-this-very-instant shimmy on down and get spotting some fab design ideas to snaffle.) The trend started to seep into the great unknown at the very last Memory Trends show (when Rusty Pickle also added a line of clear albums.)

Now though, it is set to hit the big time with Design Originals, Maya Road et al all hoisting up their knickers and socks to get in on the act and start mass marketing a plethora {word adoration pause} of shapes, sizes and off-the-floor elements all in acrylic.

NB: The fashion savvy will recognise that Ms. Heidi Swapp has had a range of clear masks and embellishments out for what feels like donkeys... so she should officially be crowned the 'mastermind of clear' (although also gets the boot for not giving us clever wee albums sooner...)

So Trend SPOTTED for 2008...

More Later,
Beck x
P.S - I have seen the new BasicGrey... and it is original and lust-worthy. When I can share, I will ;)

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