Saturday, January 05, 2008

Death & Taxes (...well, just death)

Last week was my Gran's funeral. She died just before Christmas (and not usually one to kick start the week with morbidity) it DOES make you think. She was my last remaining grandparent, leaving me now grandparent-less. She did not have much, but HER PHOTOS {which I would equate to being a piece of her} are a real legacy.

I realise that I now no longer have a verbal guide through the 'whos who' of the minute black and whites (and sepia.) I don't even have notes jotted on the back that make any sense... and so relatives become nameless faces, and a generation of knowledge is totally lost.

***Wait a minute...what the heck am I doing this all for?

Are my scrapbooks still as void of personality (bar the flourish of prima flowers and some generic doodling that can be found on any 'so 2007' layout.) Are my scrapbooks all about the new stuff and gunk - and less about the story, my story, history.

So here is my campaign for 2008!

Let's get writing... let's not leave our stories UNWRITTEN {thank you Natasha B} and let's quit measuring the quality of our scrapbooks against any online gallery or the lastest person who got published. Let's start measuring the quality of our scrapbooks by the legacy they leave... the written word; our written words.

Challenge for the week:
Create a page which includes a Family Chart (3-4 generations would be perfect... and I don't ask for much, do I ;) Include as much detail as you possibly can (dates and places.)
Ideas for Page Titles: Who do you think you are?; Roots...; My HIStory;

Tuesday nights are food, friends and photo night at my house, so I will be rising to the challenge and pull a few mates into the malay too...

Becks x

Psst... If you are a retailer, and don't already have an account with Design Objectives, I suggest 2008 is when you make that change... more interesting details later x

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