Thursday, February 28, 2008

Book Worm

I was handed a book for the Book Club I attend each month... as I am part of the reconnaissance group that pre-reads books to check out their worthiness. It was a funny title, and had it not been a really good friend that handed it me - I may have chucked the book at her; and then worried that DH had masterminded the selection...

So THE PROPER CARE & FEEDING OF HUSBANDS is now my evening companion. It starts off a little scary - like the author is going to tell me to pull a finger out, and start being more domesticated to increase my husband's comfort... but then it continues in the same vein and I start mentally listing all my deficiencies. The list is long.
However, I was relieved to find that Stacey Julian (Simple Scrapbooks) had read and recommended it... not that I need her approval - but at least I am curious to keep going to the end! Isn't it nuts that as women we create this mammoth mountain of check lists, 'to be' goals, diary dates and chocka schedules - and really the folks that come off worst are the ones we kinda promised to look after the most. I like the analogy of clearing your plate of some of the junk to make room for the good stuff. As soon as we start talking about plates, and the good stuff... I am all ears (it hits all the right notes for me!)
Let me know if anyone has read it - and whether it is going to change my life (or at least my cooking patterns...)
Becks x

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Asha said...

So back in 2004 I'm pregnant with my first child and I get into an arguement with my husband about him wanting to get a part time job working at a music store, we didn't need the money and that would be more time away from his new baby. He returns with this book and I reember laughing thinking he was insulting me but I actually loved it. It helped me understand that working around guitars made him happy and I needed to be supportive. Also, the wonderful part was I was pregnant with my son and it helped me understand males in general. Needless to say, he never took the job, not by my discourgement, it just never happened. Anyway, hope that wasn't TMI, I just really love this book.