Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day Two (2)

Autumn Leaves have changed tack... offering us fewer new collections - BUT (and this is their wicked twist) with the new lines that do get released having a massive array of products... so expect to see lettering, dimensional accents, glitter, foils, stamps, felts, overlays - the whole shibang... all coordinating.
They have teamed up with new designers (the gorgeous Heather Bailey - Ms Etsy.com being one.) It definitely feels fresh. I loved the CUTE WORLD look too (surprisingly!!) as it somehow felt along the same lines as really cool cricut shapes - more retro cute than the blah cute.

Storage is ALWAYS a story at these shows - and the Crop in Style line looks pretty inviting. Never got to see brass dollar pricing, but I could be swayed. I did fall for the Mimi - probably my fav (and has been around a while... so this is a long term love affair!) Options are following suit - I guess if someone has a good thing going, you can expect to see that 'love' shared around ;)

Trends? Wait until I show you Prima... now that was a delightful moment in time. I do also have to say hello to Ruth, and thanks so much for rescuing my wonderful (slightly stressed) husband today (your time... not mine!) You are a star - and I owe you xxxx

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