Monday, February 18, 2008


I have just got back from Birmingham - blisters and aching feet in tow. I must say a big HELLO to Dawn Inskip (the OTHER one...) who was kind enough to say she read my blog *waving frantically... but in a 'I must sleep' fatigued fashion*

It was a quiet show. I managed to clock it twice in one day - so very different from CHA, SMAC or PAPER WORLD. I kept bumping into retailers I knew from my previous life - and it was lovely to catch up (and still be greeted with a smile!) Big hellos to The Scrap House and A Card 4 U.

I loved the PaperArtsy stand... I like things that stand out; that are original! Mark obliged with a tongue sticking out... and despite bribes, it will be going up ;)

Other exciting things??

Decoupage is REALLY cooking up a storm in the UK. For every stand that had something US imported, there was at least 3 stands that had sheets and sheets of decoupage. I liked the folks at Crafters Delight and Lili of the Valley. I am tempted to see whether I can be bothered to cut out the same image a zillion times only to mount it and stick to a card for someone else to enjoy (I use the word 'enjoy' loosely... as I doubt my skill will make it a materpiece ;) So what is the big ache with decoupage? The colours are placid and the designs pretty geometric. I NEED a real enthusiast to convert me... Dawn, you up for the challenge???

The Pazzles machine was there - in this little booth (why is it we in the UK display with much less flair than elsewhere?) Great machine, but only 2 people could hover whilst it was in action. Could I part with $600 (not sure how much the UK price will be?!) I am not sure yet... how many electrically tools can one hard core crafter store/use?! Maybe that should be a poll.

Lastly - I did spend some time chatting to one of my new partners in crime... the delectable (and deliciously dark haired) Emma Collins.

Becks x


Dawn said...

Quite sure I'm NOT the one to convert you to decoupage - I feel much the same!!! Think this is why a lot of people go for the die cut kind but then I can't really get that either - however if I was being asked to demonstrate it I'm sure I could dig some enthusiasm up from somewhere :-)

Great meeting you today and I feel rather honoured to have my picture on your blog (even if I am the OTHER Dawn Inskip)

Emma said...

Hi Becks,

Dont know if you remember me...I'm the lovely lady that put up with you most of the day!! lol

Only kidding.It was great catching up with you.

If you would like my picture I can send it to you - you only need to ask! :-)