Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oscars... and Craft Awards 2008

...and the winners are:

You HAVE to love the awards season... as it is the best excuse to wear a frock and look stunning (or not - as the case may be with some misguided fashionettas.) BUT it always seems so droll... the awards I mean. They never seem to pick the clear winners anymore; rather make a statement based on which films are really bizarre and random. Should Atonement have won anything - who knows?! Oscars, Brits (how did poor Leona cope with walking away empty handed... at least she has her millions to console herself with.)

We don't have anything *quite* so glam in the crafting world... no reason to leave home in Winter without a wool hat and some ugg boots.

We do however boast the 'Craft, Hobby & Stitch International Awards' which were recently announced by Origin Publishing at the ICHF trade show. We had some random winners... notably Joanna Sheen has the best website (and is the Cardmaker of the Year) and Rosemary Merry is the best scrapbooker (!?!) But I guess that is who you all voted for ;)

Off to polish my dusty and empty bookshelf...
Becks x

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Anonymous said...

omgosh!! best website?!! who the hec was voting?!