Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We all like to cheat (just once in a while... and then just a little...)

So I have been playing with samples from Bisous PDQ range. I thought I would HATE them... as seriously it is rocket science made simple. Grab a photo (in this case the only ones I had to hand - not good ones) and then whack it down (or you *could* carefully position...) and then you are done - unless you are a journal junkie like me, and also have to add the reason behind the pic.

The paper designs look layered and stamped - and are not at all basic (almost remind me of the Prima Hybrid type digi paper mixes...) They actually made me feel like I had accomplished something in bod all time - and doubled the total number of layouts completed in one evening. I seriously am back on this scrapbooking malarky!!

I would add an 'NB' that the pics were crazy ones that DH had created for me for Valentines - and the journaling has the full story... I DO NOT ever scrap myself, and I certainly DO NOT ever venture from behind the lense. I know this is wrong, wrong, wrong... but I cannot be the only one who thinks any photos of me just don't 'look like me'??! Same goes for my voice. I hear it and think - heck do I really sound like that??? Anyways - if you click in and can read my chicken handwriting, you will see why that pic got the PDQ treatment.

Am I hooked?! I think I will try a couple of other designs. It is definitely a confidence (aka I feel like I have finished something) boost... not sure if it is anywhere as much fun... as the main event is over far to quickly for my liking ;)

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