Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Roadkill and the RIGHT ALBUM

Scrapworks was bought a couple of years ago (by the lovely Ann Merrill... who knows how to fling reeces in your lap) - and since then it really has scaled right back and focused on a few good things.

My personal favourites (when it comes to scrapbook albums) are their Anthologie line... it seriously is the ONLY album I use.

They keep my pages safe, dust free, and they just stand up, look good (I can be superficial like that) but best of all they don't squash all my pages together, and when I stick them on a bookcase, my pages are perfectly stowed in style. LOVE, LOVE this line...

Anyways, I saw their new acrylic albums (see trends 2008) and I wondered ...so which brand is going to rock on price, if they are all touting the same kind of product?! Does brand really matter on something as basic as a clear album (no design involved?!!!) I only say that... because as scrappers we are brand snobs. We adore the thrill of high design... even if it is just to collect. So where do you stand?

Scrapworks CHA-08 catalogues HERE and HERE

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