Friday, February 01, 2008

The Secret Ingredient...

In every good recipe there is like this 'secret ingredient' that gives it the umph factor (or the mmmmm-what-the-heck-is-in-that appeal.)

This morning I am making Carrot & Corriander Soup ( masses and masses of the stuff; just so I can freeze it and my husband can eat something 'nutritious' in my CHA absence... the kids can live off pizza!) I have had several recipes for this soup - and all have been so-so... that is until I discovered that the best soups always have a secret ingredient (which isn't so secret if you listen to the right kind of cooks!) Marigold, rather than being snug fitting yellow rubber, is actually the best little pot of pure heaven that any soup lover can buy. It pretty well rounds flavours and makes a soup devilishly yummy.

I was sat in front on MasterChef last night - and loved the MUD PIE created (in her head... and then perfectly on a plate) by the 18 year old (who then went on to the semi's... you go girl!) I wish I could remember her name... because she made a classic comment about cooking being creative. It is about texture, taste, aroma and look - it is about bringing together all these elements...

So I started thinking about Scrapbooking (or really anything creative.) There are secret ingredients (a Heidi Swapp Mask or a Ranger Ink) as well as some core essentials (usually a good slice of Bazzill) as well as those finishing touches (a smattering of Doodlebug Glitter or a BasicGrey rub-ons...) So really we are all just cooking up a storm in our own kitchens - and it is up to our own tastes to how we like our scrapbooks served. Personally I like the paper blogging mentality... that it can contain everything mundane and everyday... and it is all just thoughts and feelings, words and pictures.

Becks x

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Megan H said...

Her name was Emily - I liked her but my mum liked Alex!