Tuesday, March 18, 2008

30 Mins Conversion to Scrapbooking

I was handed the task today of creating a 30 min presentation to convert big wigs to scrapbooking... like only 30 mins?!!

What do you say in 30 mins... urm, just do it - you will feel good?!! Get this - I also need the big wigs to COMPLETE a project that wows (none of this photo on a matt then on a 12x12... I am thinking a hidden journaling mechanism... or just showering them in adhesive gems and letting the men get in touch with the woman within.) It is an exciting prospect - as finally the hobby which I *LOVE* is making its mark ;)

Other news today is that the COVERSHOT for the Creativity Life taster in May's Creativity mag got polished and looks *fab*. The lovely Jo Dumbleton actually crafted (without realising it) the layout that got selected - and I can't wait for the website to go live, and you all to be able to DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE!! Watch this space...

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