Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fancy making your own paper...?

If you are like me, you will have a TONNE of stamps that 'look purrity' (and let's face it, it is plain immoral to leave them in the shop...) but then they just come home and look purrity on your shelf... or stashed carefully in the 'I'll get to it' box...

BUT the perfect moment never arrives - and suddenly you wonder how to creatively use all those 'old' stamps (which are really still totally hip and happening... just not in every mag out there.)

So I spotted this cool - and EEEEEZZY - technique to create your own (7gypsies-esk or even Prima Printable-esk) background papers. Don't go urg when I say that... just click the link and go woaw, woaw, woaw, woaw (immortalised by Kylie; but funnily enough also the post title!)
I am making Wedding invites tonight - 250 of them! I am helping a mate... as she is covetous of my Crop-A-Dile and the invites include like a zillion eyelets. Glad I am NOT pounding the boards after hours with an ear-ache hammer. Old school isn't always the best ;)
Becks x

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