Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Mother's Day (retrospectively...)

To all Mothers everywhere... I hope you awoke to the sounds of singing children, the smell of burning bacon and the scent of flowers as they were thrust in your face - at the bright and breezy hour of 6am.

I however was very spoilt and had a gentle wake up call after 7.30... followed by hugs, *said singing* and Delia's CHEATS cookbook (seriously happy...!!) I now am frantically making a list of must have ingredients that are sadly lacking in both my freezer and larder/store cupboard (urm... that will be just my cupboard then!?!) I do *dream* about a walk-in larder probably as much as some folk *dream* of a scraproom... it shows that food comes first; and paper knows its place ;)

I also was bequeathed yogurt cranberries (I was a little hesitant too... but am now munching my way through them as I type) as well as flowers, a mini salt-pig to coordinate with my beasty salt-pig (I am amazed at the eye for detail my wee ones have under the ever watchful eye of a top-notch DH... plus how DID their pocket money spread so far :) Love you MR F xxxx
Anyways, I have a tonne of emails - and some exciting things to be cracking on with this morning - so I will list the lucky 100 successful entrants to our first ever blog-a-view... and then I will be *needing* addresses to send you lucky ladies (and maybe gents) a little something for you to try. WATCH THIS SPACE for the announcement and details of the product heading your way...!
Becks x

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