Tuesday, March 11, 2008


If you have not emailed me your address and blog address then HURRY!
If we are missing any tester's info - we will start working our way down our stand-by list (...so who knows, you could still have a chance if you have emailed details!)

Cydders, Kim, Hils, Liberty, Relly Annett-Baker, Lori Laing, Lisa Hausmann, Glee-Scrap, Dawn Inskip, Valonda Leichty, Lemon, Julie Corfield, Emma Whyley, Katy Hedger, Gertie, KellyLee, Lynner, ScrapJackie, Stacey Casagrande, Charlotte, Pauline Kerr, Bex, Karen wright, Paula Brown, Julie Newman, Paula Gowdy, Sue Bone, melanie brady, Tallula H, Suze Thomson, Alison Mathers, Jo Bryan, emma davis, Kim Musgrove, Sue Lewis, Jenny Cocks, Astra, Kendra, KerryMT, Lesley, Nikki Smith, Michelle Davies, Vicky Ince, Heather Melton, Lorna Ellis, Sarah Whittington, Shirley Hopkinson, Alan, Munchkim, Hannah Westwood, Maria Thomas, angel21, Miss Natz, Anna Guest, Sarah Reid, Suzanne Sapsed, Debra Brock, SUZANNE TORR, Andrea Gourley, Kathryn Booth, Polly, 4Richie4Poorer, Liz Lowe, Correna Taylor, Ang Whitehouse, Jo Kill, Chris Rowe, Preeya, Louise Waldron, jakey :), Asha, Clare D, Sandie Da Silva, kay northfield, Kirsty Brown, lil1926, andiescottie, Laura, Vanessa Lucas, Adrian, sugarnellie, lighthousegirl, Peggie Young, Laura Wylie, Gem Meaden , Chriss Norton, Willow Spruce, Kelly X, Susan Dimond, LYRICS, Lashell Darby, Jay Browning, Adam O'Neill, Sarah Palmer, Tracey Jackson, Pam Richardson, Jo Austin, Kath Stewart, C Gatenby, Julie Thornton


Glee-scrap said...

I emailed you my addy, but I don't have a blog...I assume that is why "Glee-Scrap" is not highlighted...if you need more "testers" and/or change your mind, let me know!
Erin : )

cydders said...

i emailed you my addy, as well. did you get it? my blog is jcpalmer.blogspot.com
let me know and i'll send the info along again.


Amie said...

Hey Becks! Would love to be on your standby list... Oh heck, I'd love to be on your first picks list but I was a bit late on that one... Let me know!

Julie Corfield said...

Becks - I'm on your list and tried to send my details to you but it bounced back!! Do you still want me?! Leave a message on me bloggeroonie if you need me :)

Foxcraft said...

Hi Becks

I emailed you details of my review and kept getting an error message so I emailed it to katyg instead after ringing the office yesterday. I hope you have it now, the review is on my blog http://foxcrafts.blogspot.com/

xxxx Caz


Bagpuss said...

Hi Becks

If you need anyone on a reserve list I'm always here