Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A little light inspiration...

Just a quick design cheat. Try freeze frame at any time on the creative and colourful vid from the lush Mika. You have an instant 12x12 layout template from the intense *bubblegum* design (very BAM POP!)

Scrapbook Inspiration's did highlight how you can use the album covers - but I think you can get zillions more ideas from just keep freeze framing a real visual delicious music vid ;)

...erm, just watch out for those rabbits! I did have my kids ask what they were up to. *Cough, splutter, choke* "Let's have a chat, son..."

1 comment:

Beckie aka Bexter or Beckied said...

love mika! Just got his album! Relax!!!!! Yah! DD2 loves the lollipop song!