Monday, March 10, 2008

The Reading Trend

So I am in this book club.

The oldest member is probably late 60s - and the youngest is early 20s (I am somewhere in between ;) The more I talk to random people that I meet or work with, the more I am finding that BOOK CLUBS are back en Vogue. Looking for an interesting trend in 2008... then debate the resurgence back into the age old art of reading for pleasure...

Hopping onto GOOD READS (which is seriously the place to be if you are interested in the written word...) would you believe that I spotted: Shimelle (one of those random links; looks like I am in good company!)

If you think about it - cooking, crafting, reading... they are all the same. It is like we are returning to indulging in those personal pleasures that add value to our lives, and create a tangible result of time well spent. I may have just hashed together a pasta dish unfit for human consumption (*I will have to make up with a killer desert*) - but I have just finished a book that is next on the club list...

More Later,
Becks x

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Amie said...

LOL! the comic. I actually finished the book for my club's book club, only, when it came down to it, I wasn't able to attend! Well there goes all my well planned responses!