Wednesday, April 02, 2008

48 hours...

I was given this book last week, and was not too sure about it when the back cover said *erotic love*... I am not a Mills n Boons type of gal.

I urmmmmed a lot, then started to look at a few pages and found that the topic (FOOT BINDING) was actually incredibly absorbing. Having googled images and read a lot on the topic, this book was quoted often, so I figured I would give it the benefit of the doubt.

I am *really* glad that I did not judge the book by the cover (the old adage is true...) - as it was a beautiful story of friendship between women, sad and honest. It was an insightful commentary on women, not just in that culture, but in any...

The whole foot binding thing is AMAZING to try to comprehend. The things we do for 'beauty' - makes me not so shameful of the Britney moment I had earlier. I read the book in 48 hours (lots of train travel time made me finish it!) I would recommend it - even with the little intimations, and the references to marriage duties (you know the ones ;)

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