Thursday, April 03, 2008

Avon Calling... *I wish*

Nothing whatsoever to do with scrapping... but everything to do with reinventing company image. I used to be an AVON REP (long time ago - well, the time they brought out that HOMO scent that had me in stitches... and this is a Fagg talking!) So imagine my chagrin when I discovered that the new face of the AVON MAN is no other than McDreamy... (For all you Grey's fans!)
Who also knew that AVON now is kicking butt on its new eye cream... sales are 2:1 on the competition... and you have to remember this is AVON *ding dong* we are talking about. Heaven forbid they are getting in touch with the rising generation of celeb hungry fashion savvy make-up loving ladies...
So who says companies can't change?!
Also spotted H&M teaming up with a load of designer hotties to create a hip (Rihanna, Timbaland, Jade Jagger and Katharine Hamnett kind of hip) range of clothing. I am thinking gangster chic will be the next trend in scrapbooking... a la H&M. You heard it here first!
Topshop are also going up market with the launch of their new PREMIUM shopping service. Premium does seem one of those words of the moment ;) Not sure if I can handle my own style advisor... although after my Brit moment; I may need one!


Phillip said...

LOL! Beer or Fagg, gotta love ya Becks!

Phillip said...

Ooo, btw, this is Amie here, not Phillip, as I think that's who's logged in right now. (my bad)

Kate said...

LOL I used to be an Avon Lady around that time too!!!;-)