Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Mushy Stuff...

Mushy stuff alert... if you are adverse to any kind of personal heart felt pulp pouring, then avert your eyes now.
Although not generally a super demonstrative person... publicly, I have to say that I *adore* my husband... Nope, not just like, not even just love... I ADORE HIM. I come home after 2 days working away and he is just yummy. The funniest man I know, the wisest, the humblest, the most supportive... and who I am (at least all the good bits) is due to him. Whilst he would never take the credit (back to that humble bit) I am a better person for knowing him.
Bloke bashing is so easy... and whilst it is *totally acceptable* (kinda) it would also be nice to hear all the good things. That is my thought for the day... whilst I may blog about Patrick or Brad - my reality is essentially much more worthy of TLC and adoration...
Oh - just had some AMAZING news... and will be sharing soon :)
Later, Becks x

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