Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Not *quite* Britney... but close!

My DH works with this great company - and it is simply FLYING. I have met a handful of his work mates, but only with prior notice and the time to scrub up and look respectful.

Imagine my *absolute* HORROR this afternoon when after my trip to the park (al la gale force wind, minus make up and touting an old hoodie of said husband...) I jumped into Tescos to pick up some shopping and bumped into my husband... (at the deli counter - very romantic!) That wasn't *too* awful, until around the corner comes his colleague and amazing boss (remember, this is our premier introduction) and here I am wanting to shrivel and die on the spot being covered in mud, hair dragged back off my face, and a pretty unflattering big beefy jumper on. Ooooo I felt attractive (to a woodlouse) and very underwhelming.

I tried to forget that I had not dried my hair properly, and that it was slapped to my scalp in a hapless *I don't care I am with the kids* way... and chat about 'stuff' (biding my time until I could dash to a mirror to check the horror that those poor men had to smile at.) That will teach me now that sod's law IS a law of fact. If you are looking a sight, chances are you will be seen!
I am now off to get dressed properly, and pretend that it never happened. xxx

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