Thursday, April 03, 2008

Product Review: BG Magnetic Mat

I have to say that I *adore* my Magnetic Mat from BasicGrey. I pulled it off the stand at the show which it debuted at (only because I then needed to haul it over the Atlantic and pin it up for UK retailers to drool over...)
It took me a few weeks after the show to actually get the chance to PLAY with it for real. It is a pretty heavy duty thick quality meaty mat. Being magnetic sets it apart... as the ruler and little magnetics (which are like hunks of Hercules) hold all my BG papers in place whilst I painstakingly die cut around all those floral bits.
If I was buying it just for being the *right* size for scrapbooking, then it wins my vote. If I was buying it just for being meaty self heal delicious... then it wins my vote as a plain ol cutting mat. The magnetic feature is definitely the icing on the cake. For those who use a scalpel as apposed to a trimmer, then upgrade and you will thank me. The ONLY downside is that the measurements are not metric, and they are not covering the whole mat (the ruler has em... just not the mat. BUT I can live without it... although some of you may want to cry in your pillows at night missing those european imposed centimetres ;)


Jo said...

Looks very interesting Becks. Being from the 'old school' I much prefer inches and can't bare the metric on cutting mats - it totally throws me!

LuLu said...

Interesting . . I think I could be definitely tempted especially by it's size ! ! ! Working in a school, I only use metric but can always get around it !