Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Storage: It is a really hot topic... pretty much ALL the TIME. I guess if you are buying... then you are going to need somewhere to hide it all from the wandering eyes of the credit card payer.
I do *love* the Storage4Crafts store... which has pretty much every storage option under the sun. For me and my plethora of papers -
I have to openly admit to being a Really Useful Junkie. I can't get enough of these little plastic purveyors of joy. The organise, they stack, I can see into them, they are sturdy and unyielding to the stress and strain on cardstock rammed in and stacked taller than me... and they come from the perfect Pickle (aka Mike.)

Emma has been busy designing some new wheelable totes - and sometimes I *envy* her for getting to the creative bit of bringing a product to market... it is very much easier than giving birth. Think that you all have to wait until September (eons away) before you can see what she has been playing with.
... not that I am impatient or anything ;)

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LuLu said...

My goodness . . nearly fell on the floor when I saw how neat all those ribbons were. Mine are in a little bit of a mess and stuffed (literally) in a draw!