Monday, April 14, 2008

Test Results...

Some good...
Melanie Says; Jo SAYS; Liz SAYS; Jackie SAYS; Nicola SAYS; Sue SAYS; Anna SAYS (and this is a forum for you to peek at!)

...and then some 'not so good'.
Took my daughter to a regular check up and she had an appointment with the opthamologist and I got told she has astigmatism in both eyes... Not like earth shattering, especially when Kirsty has such an uphill battle with wee Belle - but it is still a little like 'you haven't created the perfect kid...' guilt. I have a son that has the same issue (see - I can hit dud genes twice! I blame it entirely on DH who is Clark Kent...)

Anyways, what is good this week...?!
DO have organised a series of trade events throughout MAY (I think Trade Managers aka Reps send out invites soon) so I have to play with displays and the likes. I do *love* playing with product. We have some new (top secret) stuff which will be sharing with attendees. I like surprises!

One last thing... can you BLOG & FACEBOOK? Is it humanly possible to do both... as I am the world's worst facebooker since I commited to blogging more often. It is definitely a case of 'you can't serve two masters'... and I seriously cannot be the only one who has had to make a choice one way of the other?!!

Becks x

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Kirsty Wiseman said...

Hi Becks
Astigmatism is not a bad thing. Ellie has a high astigmatism and it just means their glasses has a high spherical readin (possibly no contact lenses in later life though.
Basically their eyes are flatter when you look at their profile as opposed to being round. It has no detriment on their health whatsoever..
Whilst we have lived with it for years, i can imagine its come as a shock to you. But please do not worry - she is a gorgous little creature and nobody will ever notice :)