Tuesday, May 20, 2008

...catching my breath!

My schedule at the mo is pretty scary/hectic.

I drive to a new location, set up the entire shenanigans (making sure it looks edible) then eat, sleep, and smile, chat, answer questions, get excited, and hear some great feedback from retailers *thrilled* that their fav supplier has a great new direction... then wave goodbye, break down the entire show and drive home... for it all to kick off again within 12 hours.

It is enough to send a girl to the bottle (or at least the large jug of warm gloopy thick chocolate fudge sauce that perfectly layers on humongous hand-sized profiteroles... mmmm Huddersfield food rocked!) OR it is enough to send a girl cookies (using the recipe to top ALL cookie recipes!!) Once they are made, there is barely time to let them stack on a plate before small hands have vacummed them into their tiny pie-holes.... lick yer lips and whack the fat onto yer hips...

Tomorrow we are closer to home in Cambridge - and set up is only in a few wee hours (so I am prioritising and blogging ;) I am learning to squish all those mummy chores into the wee few hours I have at home - fixing glasses, dr appointments, perscription pick ups, school prospectus applications, bills... is a women's work ever done?!!

Next week I am in Bath to sign off issue one of Creativity Life (http://www.creativitylife.com/ coming soon and looking ice-cream-licious.) I have loved the creation of this magazine as much as my very own (which I am just shelving for a year until I get this new baby under wraps.)

Have to leave you (I really have no choice as this song is tormenting me!!) with the song that CLUUR curd-a-licious is always singing... setting up, breaking down and everything in between... although I think Clur sings it better ;) She even squeezes her top together to give her real Nancy appeal... much to the eye-watering laughter from all around. Her, Kirsty and Em have made this bearable!!

smaw pleshures... smaw pleshures
Becks xxx

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