Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Do It... differently!

I headed off to sun-baked Bournemouth for a full day of training and arrived late last night to find tables full of women and empty wine bottles... always fun ;) It was good to see Jane, Kirsty and Beckie - plus Dawn (the *other* Inskip...) as well as other girlies who I have met ever so briefly before!
Whilst I did not hang out for the full whack - I did get the Big Bite out in the afternoon (after munchies...) and some other cool tools for a play. I am going to love letting them loose with them!! I think the gourmet menu demonstrations are being signed up by retailers as we speak... so who knows what in store delights will await you!
I am feeling like it is time to DO IT...DIFFERENTLY
EVERYONE loved (and this is the type of hysterical LOVE) the new Core'Ordinations cardstock. You just wait until it hits the stores... it is going to knock your card socks off (it is card - doesn't do the dishes or anything... but if you like to lick card, then it is tongues at the ready...)
OK - off to eat with the boys tonight... and find out what retailers really think of all the changes at DO! I have all my retailer day displays finally tweaked and all set for showing off and previewing. Everyone coming?
Later, Becks xx

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