Friday, May 16, 2008

Test Panel NEEDED...

3L (the company behind the much *adored* Scrapbook Adhesive runners, mounting tabs and the cute table top dispenser set) are looking for 5 panelists to take part regularly as their testers.

We send you product FOR FREE... and you have to put it through its paces and give us honest feedback (constructive, detailed... not just "that is the best thing since sliced bread" or "that is naff".) As the FREE stuff will also be BEFORE product launch - these 5 panelist will need to be sign a confidentiality agreement to stop all the cool things we are developing leaking out before we launch them to public!!!

Is it you?
Add a comment below and why you are the *perfect* panelist... and I will be in touch!

Becks xx


Julia Budd said...

Hmm, not sure about *perfect*..but I know I can do this; Cutting, sticking and writing are my life! Confidential not a problem..gotta couple of BIG secrets in my head already!

Polly said...

I am 'the' absoulte perfect *adds halo* panellist because...
1. I scrap/craft everyday ~ even if it's in the wee hours!
2. I am the best at keeping schtumm... I could keep a secret even with severe interogation ;)
and last of all...
3. I just sooooooooo want to!

Pleeeease, pleeease... me! me!

Julia Dunnit said...

Not sure about *perfect*, but can do cutting, sticking, writing and secret-keeping with a passion!

Polly said...

p.s. further to my covincing 'speech' on why i'd be the perfect panelist... I bribe with choccie :)

Foxcraft said...

I'd put you straight to the top of the Christmas card (and cake recipe) list if I could be on the panel!

I loved reviewing the EZ Runner and would love to be able to do it again. I'm an obsessive crafter (almost up to 1000 items in my DoCrafts gallery in just over 12 months!)

Begging's never attractive but if needs must I'll type on my hands and knees! lol!

xxxx Caz

Lighthousegirl said...

I think I would make the perfect pannelist for the simple reason I am not perfect!

I am a typical crafter - busy life, desperately creating time to craft when I can and wanting products that let me create amazing things with what passes for my talents.

I love making cards, mini books, scrapbooks and journals. I also do some needlecrafts and have been known to do some beadwork too.

I think I would be a perfect pannelist as I represent the average crafter.

I would be very honoured if you picked me.

Thank you


Bunnymommy said...

I would love to be a tester as I am an addicted scrapper with plenty of time on my hands to put the product through its paces. I have no affiliation with any company being your everyday average person. Ooh and did I mention that I would love to do this?

Anonymous said...

I've never got the hang of tape runners - I seem to be able to make them go backwards, load them so the tape breaks, you name it, if it can go wrong, it does, so I tend to resort to a glue stick instead. So if they need someone to make sure it is idiot-proof, I volunteer to be the idiot! :-)

Details and confidentiality no problem - I do a lot of mystery shopping. I could tell you all about it but then I would have to kill you. Ha ha ha... ;-)

Jo said...

Hi Becks...

Why would I be the perfect panelist? It would have to be because I own Cadbury's and Thorntons.. so all the choccy you need you can have! lol...

Apart from the **obvious** little white lie above, I am completley trustworthy and secretive.. I have to be working for Docrafts as a demonstrator..

I love to give brilliant feedback on products, as you would have seen from my last product review..

Begging?? I can do begging...

pleaseplease please please please please can I be a panelist... lol.. ??? please..

Oh, did I say.. Please??

Love Jo x

Dawn said...

Not sure if I'm aloud to be considered to be the "perfect" panelist but know I would be!
My last blog review was honest and a true reflection of the product.
Having products right before they hit the market place is so the right way to go.
I use adhesive daily and love products that do what they say on the lable. To be able to play a part in that would be fantastic.
As for the confidential bit, no problem, isn't that the exciting bit??

karen said...

oh what the heck in for a penny in for a pound as they say, ive been jumping backwards and forwards thinking about leaving a comment then thinking theyd never pick me, then i thought never say never.
I think (no not think)I KNOW i would make a perfect pannelist, i do an assortment of papercrafting and like to use an assortment of adhesives, changing brands and types in the hope of finding the ultimate adhesive. Confidentiality yeah i can do that, im an office administrator so writing and typing reports is just my thing. Honest opinion, is there any other?
as Uncle Sam said We need YOU!

LuLu said...

Hi Becks,

Really enjoyed doing the blog test for the EZ Runner and it also gave me an excuse to make something as well ! ! !

I believe I would be the perfect panelist because I love to play with all sorts of products - this helps you create things you wouldn't normaly make and in doing so, discover new techniques. One other benefit is that I don't have a certain style and each thing (!) I make, is always different to the previous, (so I guarantee you won't get the same thing twice ! !)

As for keeping secrets . . . no problems . . . the thrill of testing products before their launch is enough of an incentive to keep "mum".

I hope you pick me and please feel free to have a nosey around my blog.


Sue Bone said...

I love all sorts of glues, I can express myself and give an honest opinion.


Julie said...

I would *love* to do this! I really enjoyed writing the review for the EZ-runner - it really made me think about the product - and I'd love to keep doing the same!

Like everyone, I get excited about new products, but I promise I can keep quiet about them! :o)

If you're happy for someone in Ireland to do your testing, I'm your gal!

kath said...

Well what can I say - I am your super duper multi tasking crafting super woman...and if you believe all that you will believe anything.
Just an ordinary Crafty Mrs who would love to road test any new products.

Rach said...

Hi, I would love to do this,I am a busy working mum and I love to craft! I think I would be a great panelist because I am openminded, Honest with my opinions, I say it as it is!
In my crafting i just love to try and stick down anything that moves to my layouts, I am always sticking paper, material,lace, plastic found/recycled items along with the gorgeous stash on the market and that takes alot of adhesive testing, so i am practically a tester already! I missed the blog testing, so would love to be considered for this,
Plus I am not a sheep with a secret agenda ;)
Can't wait for the magazine,

louise chester said...

I'd be perfect because I am perfect lol

Honest, truthful and confidential at all times so pick me, go on you know you want too....

PinkLadyMel said...

I would love to be a tester for 3L because I get through so much glue and could really do with some for free. *Insert Audience laughter here*

Good Points:
+ I am constantly making layouts/minibooks/altering projects/things for the home and would be able to put it through every day life too, not just solid crafting.

+ 3L made THE first tape runner I have ever had and liked. I even hate Herma :S Everything I use, I break and this tape runner stood by me when I ran it backwards *gasp*

+ I like to write really informative yet humourous reviews to keep the reader interested!

+ I am sometimes published for articles in magazines or just layouts in galleries and would be able to list "3L" in my product list.

Other then that I am a reliable, Honest person who always sticks to deadlines and puts huge effort in to projects.

Oh.. and I don't go around posting as anonymous about £1 sheets of paper when it's obviously BS.

Mel x

katie squirrel said...

Would love opportunity to get my sticky mitts on new products! I have loads of glues/adhesives and am always on lookout for better ones.

If they can withstand my roadtest they will be suitable for anything!! My husband says I am a "little heavyhanded" with things and quite often they break! LOL!

Nikki said...

I would simply love to do this....I keep secrets everyday of the week working for magazines and I have tried almost every adhesive going so I know how to stick!
I could put anything you like to good use as I craft every single day of the week.
I am honest too (much to some folks disgust!) If I don't like it you will know about it and why!

Nikki said...

I would simply love to do this....I keep secrets everyday of the week working for magazines and I have tried almost every adhesive going so I know how to stick!
I could put anything you like to good use as I craft every single day of the week.
I am honest too (much to some folks disgust!) If I don't like it you will know about it and why!

minerva said...

I'd be a perfect panel tester cos I stick, glue, adhere and bond things everyday.I am queen of sticky situations. With my household I'd soon be able to tell you if the glue was indeed permanent, whether it washed out of clothes, soft furnishings and dog fur easily. If quick dry was really quick dry (just see how long it takes dd to glue paper scraps to dog)and if ivsible vellum tape really was invisible - a lifelong quest!
I have no adhesive of preference - so I'm totally unbiased, I change depending on the project I'm doing and the time I have. On lazy days it is all glue stick and DS tape, speedy card days only a glue runner will do and for larger items then I've started to favour bookbinding glue or quick dry tacky glue. So anything and everything would be put through its paces.
I talk to a lot of craft/stationery shop owners as I teach freelance classes and I'm always waxing lyrical about my latest "must haves" and I blog fairly regularly so I could get the "word" out.

Katy said...

Well let me see, I would love to be a tester for 3L just because i want to, I love testing new products out so to test them before they hit the shops would be wicked. I can keep secrets and love a challenge. What more can i say? pick me and find out!!

Katy xx

TraceyB said...

I may be a bit behind on this one. But would love the chance to test drive new goodies. I can be as descrete as is needed.

Joanne said...

Me, me, me, Im the perfect panalist for this. I love reviewing things and can give a non biased reveiw of any product! I didnt get a chance to be a blog tester before so would love to be a tester for these products.

Being honest these tape runners are the product that I use the most of in crafting!

I craft everyday where I can ad I am the bestest in keeping secrets secret!

Go on let me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Alex said...

Nope not perfect, but pretty damn close!!! lol

I would love to be picked because:

I craft everyday
I love to try new products
I love to natter about new finds
I can keep a secret under severe peer pressure, I have a load under my hat right now and not uttering a word!!!! he he

Ruth said...

I would love to be a tester for 3L products because
1. I love doing craft in its many varieties, while I am mostly a papercrafter these days, I have some experience in a range of crafting while gives me flexibility and confidence in product usage.
2. I am from Ausrtalia which gives additional perspective from the other local testers
3. I am very coherent and analytical. I will be able to express clearly and laterally what the positive and negative features are from my testing.
4. I am adaptable and a fast learner, if 3L whats specific trialling or reporting I will get on board quickly and effectively.
5. I would really enjoy it =) and I think that the best worker is a happy worker.

greyparrot said...

Oh dearie me, I guess it's time,
to write some waffle and make it shine.
So why do I think it's the job for me?
Wait a minute...let me see
I like to put products to the test,
to see which ones I think are best.
I slave away with paper and glue,
having fun with something new.
Through their paces the products go,
(I work them really hard you know)
I like to think I'm firm but fair,
I treat my goodies with lots of care,
I expect my glues to do the same,
and if they don't, they get the blame.
After I tested 3L before,
I loved it so much I wanted more.
One more thing, the issue of trust,
a secret is kept, that is a must.
I guess that says what I need you to see,
my final rhyme is please pick me! ;)

natoune said...

Why not ?
Just because I've got an eye you don't have, because I really like all those scrap goodies and my new home has a very new cool scraproom to stock, and because I love to try more and more...
And what about the secret ? Just because it's very easy for me to keep a secret : I'm French ! Nobody can't understand what I say, my english is so bad !

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Why am I the perfect choice? Because:

I'm short (take pity on me!).
I LOVE chocolate, muffins and cookies.
I can cut and stick 'til the cows come home, often at the expense of my housework (great understanding hubby of mine!)
I say it like it is! If it's poo I'll tell ya it's poo! If it's fabilicious, then I won't shut up raving about it.
Oh, and I can keep my cakehole shut!

Pick me! Pick me!


Andrea said...

I would love to do this,I really enjoyed doing the review of the EZ runner.
The thought of receiving new and secret things through the post is rather exciting.

Cindy Cade said...

As a designer I love to push products beyond their expected limits.

Ask any stamping company I have worked with, (Hearts in Touch, Red Castle Inc., Enchanted Ink, Innovative Stamp Creations, etc., Scor-It, Spellbinders for whom I had great fun finding out what all those unique dies and fabulous machine could do on their very first team, all the folks who have sat in my online classes over the years or SSReflections Ezine whom I wrote for and more.

Thinking inside the box is probably what challenges me most. LOL!

Creatively, Cindy Cade