Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Conveyor Belt Crafting...

Spotted: New vid on DO ...!!

On a different note... Not the most inspirational process; but conveyor belt crafting seems to be the method for success when it comes to "Christmas Card" production. I have a craft night tonight and we have skirted around the issue of starting early. I am an eternal procrastinator when it comes to Christmas Cards... so maybe the earlier I start the more chance I have of success... {I am working on 2009}

I think if you craft and you give someone a *bought* card - they end up giving you THAT know the one...the "so I wasn't worth your time?" look.

Guilt. Excuses. More Guilt. (It's a real party pooper.)

One year I got a hand crafted CROSS STITCH card from a neighbour and did think - oh my goodness, am I really worth it?! It does get pulled out each year though - would never throw it away... which goes to show that handmade does pack a punch ;)

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