Friday, June 13, 2008

...a day out in Southend (and BBC Essex)

I just spent the morning with Ruth as she prepped for her launch into super stardom by hanging out with the BBC Essex crew for a brief {but oh so important} spot on blogging.

Scrapbooking got a mention - and the presenter even knew what it was (have we broken into mainstream acceptance yet?!!) It had all started when her blog entry on her day out in Southend had been flagged on a BBC alert - and suddenly her trip with her mum became more than just blog fodder... it became the fish hook for a date with destiny.

It has whetted our appetite for the Big Time... and we have Fern & Philip in our sights. I am sure with the stimulating content of our blogs combined we are sure the requests will come flooding in.
Spotted: NEW upgraded Community launched {with more features to follow.} I think I may have broke it playing with it... so be gentle ;)

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