Wednesday, June 18, 2008

News from Paperartsy...

Spotted: (click to enlarge and read all that fine print...) I caught up with my pals at Paperartsy via email last night... but am sure a hook up for some food and Essex sunshine is long overdue ;) They are launching *new stamps* and will sneak me the images to share as soon as they get the plates back... so watch this space!!!

I have spotted Leandra's squiggly ink in loads of mags... and she even worked a Craft's Beautiful special with readers getting FREE stamps (from participating retail locations.) Just how generous?! I guess it is the mentality that if you get to try something and love thw quality, design and the whole shinanigans, then you will be a Paperartsy stalker ;)

I have just been emailed some amazing images of STUDDED STICKERS... and I think I *love* them xxxx

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