Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Spotted: (more) CHA Summer sneaks

Spotted: Glitz Design have a full range out there on the web - showing you just how organised they are to be ready to show off their wares in public ;) See... that purple?!!! Everyone who is anyone will be sporting it...
Also - they have these *Glitzers* - and basically "Glitzers are transparent stickers with bold colors and BLING! That's right...BLING!...the bling is inside the sticker...so there is NO WAY you'll lose it! " Ooooo - bling and stickers. First thickers, and now glitzers... if I recall Lil Davis launched a whole range of bling before it's time (and before the sell out to Fiskars) which would have rivalled all the *new* fan dangled inventions. Have to hand it to Trish, she had an eye for spotting a trend and paying homage before it hit the big time...

Spotted: Tinkering Ink's follow up to their original YULETIDE range... surprisingly named Yuletide 2 (and is designed to coordinate beautifully!!) I like that idea... that product you have in your stash drawer is refreshed with new product... seems a lot like common sense to me!

Spotted: Piggy Tales show off their new Drawbridge Book... aiming to be in stores at the end of July. Another take on a flap type book... if you are a mini-book addict, this is one for you.

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