Monday, July 14, 2008

Claudine H.

I opened my emails to find that the hugely original Claudine Hellmuth had posted a comment. I had a stupid giddy moment, then pulled myself together over a plateful of marshmallows (the healthy way to start your day!) I am so going to have a chat with her at CHA... especially if it involves paint. Just days to go!!!

I am frantically making all those last minute panic purchases... ticking and rewriting my 'do to' list every few hours... and as long as I have my credit card and passport I think I can cope with whatever comes my way ;) I *did* succumb to some new sketchers - they are soooo comfy (...eek!! Since when does comfort override cool. Is this the slippery slope to becoming my totally uncool mother ;)

I spotted that the ENTIRE catalogue from Dream Street papers in now available online HERE I like the simply stated (HERE) as it will fit with just about any occasion and photo op!

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Amy Teets said...

Hey! You better come on over for a chance to win Simply Stated!