Sunday, July 20, 2008

I MET Holly McCaig in the Lift!!!

I seriously lucked out here... {and I *know* I look daft and dazed...} but I was minding my own bees wax when I spotted that I had walked into the same lift as Holly. So to break the ice I commented on her fame... to which she asked who I was... and I said "oh a nobody" and then when she spotted my name she said "You're Becks! I read your blog all the time..." SERIOUS??? I about fell off my high heels and wanted to smoother her in kisses. Here was the genius designer who I have been cyber stalking for eons *knowing* my name.
Anyways, we are now BEZZY MATES. So *hello Holly*... and you rock Mrs!!!


Holly McCaig said...

You are so cute!!!! :) I love it!!! I'll email you my addy and send ya something - if I can get an awesome magazine too! :) HUGS AND KISSES!

Juliet said...

Hi Becks, just had a good read of your fab blog and my knees are wobbly, eyes googly and mouth drooling (not a nice thought, I know) at all the new stash!!! I reckon about £10k should get me what I want, lol.

Seriously though, thanks for all the information - off to use up some of my old stash now to justify buying new.

Juliet xx