Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shhhh.... BasicGrey

The most anticipated release of CHA Summer 2008 has been entertaining my eyes and tantalising those cortex nerves... as I am lucky to have seen the 5 new lines before the release date of the 18th. No sneaks allowed {sorry!} but I think these are simply STUNNING, GORGEOUS, VIVID & RICH, ... even (dare I say it) better than the February release ;)

You will be queuing up to gaze and adore... and you will have more than one favourite :)
Roll on the 18th!!!
Emma C is coming to CHA (finally a girly mate to walk the show with ;) and she asked me how big a suitcase I took... and my reply was... I don't take {one} and they are BOTH BIG *gasp* I have already made plans to shop on Wednesday with one of our retailers who is attending the show... as I plan to take no prisoners when it comes to shopping malls and moi. I will be wearing heels at the show - and whilst Emma did query that choice, I simply replied that the pretty paper dulls the pain... I have that excited sick feeling just contemplating the visual assault of new product... or it could be the fact that I started that weetabix challenge for a week :)

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