Thursday, August 07, 2008

CHA... NOT just a trade show...

So yesterday (sorry for the lack of a post!) I spent the day in a meeting with my industry peers and a few members of the CHA board (Sara Naumann from HOTP was there.) Can you beleive it was the ONLY day this week with temps of up to 28 degrees. Dagnabit...

Contrary to popular belief, CHA is not just a trade show - it is actually a trade association (the clue is in the name ;) and whilst they have been US centric since conception, they are starting to get a flavour for their international subscribers - and are interested in looking at how they can support the growth of the craft markets outside of the homeland. It was a really interesting debate, as you had wholesalers, chain stores, manufacturers, publishers etc all around the same table. Remember that old BT ad - "'s good to talk?" Well it is eye opening to talk and listen to coalface industry players. I think the industry in the UK is in good hands - people who want to elevate craft, and who want to make it accessible.

One really really captivating part of the agenda covered a study which is getting underway into the positive health benefits of crafting (knitting is the named craft) - and how it actually beats pain, and also depression. So take up your needles ladies - it is week 3 of the summer hols and we NEED to knit ;)

Becks xxxx

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