Saturday, August 30, 2008

Did you miss these at CHA Summer?

I *adore* the new Crate Paper... absolutely stunning. The colour palette is always muted enough to be usable without getting TOO grungy. Grunge is definitely a has been trend, and colour is king.

It is nuts how much GOOD stuff you miss at a show, because you are visually overloaded with new at every turn. Not hard to see how consumers are hard pushed to negotiate their way through it all... especially in purse tightening times!

...still, how beautiful are these Hambly prints?

A girl can NEVER have enough storage - and the boys on top of the pile in that regards are Advantus (aka Cropper Hopper.) Always been a firm fav in my book (and my shed attests to it!)


Starr said...

Love how Crate are doing shaped paper now! Had the new Mia kit on my wishlist ever since I saw it :)

purple_nikki said...

Just love the idea of having somewhere to store clear stamps (something that is really lacking here!)

Love the idea that the 'books' can be put into a folder or just on the shelf by themselves!

Plllleeeeeaaaaassssssseeeeeeeee, can we have some of them!