Friday, August 08, 2008

We arrived (me and Ruth) in pleeeeeeeenty of time... so celeb scouted from the Cafe. Ruth was determined that we would spot Paul McKenna... Lulu or even Joan Rivers - but the hour of people watching only resulted in a gawk at JULIA ROBERTS (Nope not Pretty Woman, it's the lady in red with curlers ;) We sat watching her flaunting her confidence to be seen in public with a full head of rollers, and then realised that we should be papping away. Ruth bottled out, as it was an entirely "unladylike" thing to do - aka photograph a lass in her less than perfect attire. I obviously had less qualms and managed to get a shot just as she was heading up the stairs!
We also spotted Leighton Denny (the nail guy) and after being subjected to him live on air, now feel sure that we *have* to own that nail file and those nail polishes ;)

When it was my turn, it went really quick. I *passed* so will now have to chew my nails and prep for the 2 hour show that we have planned for late Autumn. Details to follow ;)


Kate said...

Ooh well done on *passing* not that anyone was in any doubt for a min!!!LOL

Something to look forward to in the autumn!!

Amie said...

How exciting Becks! You're on TV! How nerve-wracking would that be? I can only imagine. Well, I must say that you're lookin' good!

Clare said...

Hi Becks!

So glad you *passed*! See you there!

love, Clare x