Monday, September 15, 2008

Celeb Spotting... at pre-school

The most unlikely of starts to the week, began when I Nasser Hussein (ex England Cricket Captain) walked past me... just as I was waiting to take my youngest into pre-school. Our children are in the same class... and both girls... so let's hope my wee cherub doesn't get all boisterous and pull hair (we have a little "yanker" in the family!!)

Anyways, onwards and upwards from the gormless shell shock ( determined to talk to him at some stage ;) I have been toying over the weekend with the HYBRID hype... like, has it really hit the UK?!! We still adore our decoupage (as a nation...not making any claims about the scrapping community before I get lynched ;) and we are definitely a "traditional" nation of crafters. So where does hybrid slot in? Do those plentiful CD ROMS from Create N Craft count as THE accolade of synergy between paper and computer?!! ...because, seriously, crafters in the UK seem to go gaga for anything on a CD... fork out an arm and a leg, then spend big bucks printing (using all your ink and paper... which doesn't seem all that *cost effective* in the long run.) Maybe we are at the forefront of hybrid... can you imagine ;)

The CD-ROM designs seem light years away from the de-lish prima hybrid goodies {still loving this company... even if flowers are not as 'must-have' as they once were} and so in fairness, I have to tickle my screen with 'puritty....'

Last little nugget from me! I love the useless gadgets we scrappers inflict on ourselves. Usually born from brilliance... The following great idea should be easily re-created with some ingenuity and not a whole lot of expense. Not sure if it is valid enough to take booth space at a show... but me thinks there are more ideas festering for CHA Winter...

Happy Monday!!
Becks xxxx


Ruth said...

You weren't so bold as to take the photo of Nasser, were you??! I wouldn't put it past you but I've never seen him at school in a suit - always a track suit and cap...I've been taking detective lessons from Miss Marple.

Paula said...

I dont know why,but I always thought hybrid cards were ones that used digital downloads and conventional crafting materials.
I dislike those CD roms with a passion - I cant see the attraction to them at all,wheres the fun in printing when you could be checking out a craft shop and stroking the real thing (paper,that is lol)