Friday, September 12, 2008

...I'm all out of Love, Elsie

Is there really only SO MUCH LOVE a gal can bestow on the world?! Well, it seems that Elsie has run dry... and is leaving us all behind - SEE HERE (and scroll...scroll) or just read the quote:

"...And another thing that I have been wanting to talk about...For the past two years I have been working exclusively for KI Memories designing the Love, Elsie product line. It was truly one of the most fun and challenging experiences in my life. Your response and support for the products were so amazing. I really had a wonderful time.Anyway, to make a long story quite short I resigned from my position with KI this past month. I have mixed feelings about that choice. On one hand, I loved the product line (both the designing process and the actual product) and I will be very sad not to see it coming out again. It was a very fun season in my life and certainly a huge learning experience! I have some new dreams that have been taking over my mind and heart this past year. Some things I will share very soon. I am also very excited to work independently again on projects like books, designing and occasionally some teaching. In fact, I haven't been so excited about the projects I was currently working on since I started writing my first book. There is one project in particular that will easily be the most ambitious and challenging that I've ever taken on. I'm tempted to tell you now, but don't worry, it's not too far away!So, there is my version of bad news/good news. Goodbye to Love, Elsie.... hello to new opportunities! I feel like a new season of life has started and I am really looking forward to it!"

Maybe it is that doodling has had it's day, and once again we scrappers are reverting back to the classic understated lines which we find easy to use... Elsie was marmite (and I personally can spread marmite nice and thick on my crackers... adore the stuff, just don't want to know what it is made of *la la la Marcus*)

So who is next to bite the dust?!

I want GOOD NEWS... I want to see some new names!! Maybe J.E. is someone to watch out for in 2009. ZZZZZIP, no more news on that score until next year ;)

Becks xxxx

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