Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jonathan Edwards... a 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist... my Canon Rebel ...and the dribble!

The thrill of stroking paper melted away when I walked into my hotel {after a hard day at work} and standing just metres away is the delectable World Record Holder, Jonathan Edwards... He had an Olympic Gold Medallist standing next to him (in his dashing Team GB shell suit ;) - but don't ask me who he was, I had my eyes firmly on the prize, who was presenting something or other to someone or other....

I was star struck from the get go. You know that "school girl giddy" at breathing his exhaled air kind of feeling - the one where you know that all intellectual words will fail you... and dribble will flow freely.

So I ate my dinner, with the whole presentation thang going on just yards away... and could not resist yanking my hulking great Canon out of my car with the hope I could sneak a shot from afar.

BUT - not one to shy from celebrity (*cough*) I eventually caught his gaze and could see that he had that "oh she is coming for me" look flash across his eyes... ;) Anyways, what then happened was a blur of babble, dribble, and a real gormless photo (thanks Katy for pointing out there is NO anti-gormless action on photoshop ;)

I have to add that I have a very limited recollection of my verbal incontinence, and I believe that I may have scarred the poor man with my wide eyes, and grunting.

He is basically a real hero in our house! In the summer we spent an afternoon triple jumping on the beach (even my youngest who is 2... which was highly entertaining :) I had to then call home and garble the whole exciting episode to my oldest, who was buzzing at the prospect of a 2012 badge handpicked by JE for him . Just have this sneaking suspicion that my boys will be fighting over who DOESN'T get the pink one ;)

Becks xxxx


Chris said... do look kinda starstruck but hey who wouldn't be :)

Jozza said...

Oh my - he is rather delicious isn't he? Lucky you!

You only look a little gormless and at least you didn't molest him (I'm afraid I am not so restrained when it comes to meeting hunky sporting heroes! - queue embarrassing flashback of me cupping David Coulthard's left buttock during a photo with him - I swear my hand took on a life of its own!)

Paula Pascual said...

I really like him, but he is not a 2008 gold medallist rather a 2000 gold medallist!

Paula Pascual said...

Sorry, Just read it again, and it is my mistake. Duh!